Does technology help with learning? (OSSLT practice)

The presence of technology in the classroom is on the rise but is it for the better or worse? Before the pandemic, the introduction of technology into the school was slow and gradual. Still, when the pandemic hit, the opening was significantly more intense. All of a sudden, students and teachers are all moved online. The pandemic forced everyone to learn online. Even after remote learning was over, with most people returning to in-person learning, technology still has a strong classroom presence. Students can communicate with each other, the teacher is more accessible, and students and teachers can access information online. However, technology could introduce cyberbullying, cheating and many other problems. So technology in the classroom can help students’ learning process, but it comes at a cost.
The most widespread use of technology is communication. Students utilize online websites and apps to talk to each other, whether at school or home. This communication can foster a stronger sense of community and encourage students to help each other. Gone are the days students meet to go over problems. Students can now ask questions about their schoolwork and homework online and get instant feedback from one of their classmates or friends. The teacher can also communicate with students online, via emails, google classrooms or more. Teachers often post updates and notifications online for students to read or provide feedback. This also promotes good social and communication skills. I utilize technology daily to communicate with my friends, teachers, classmates and family. This great convenience does come at a cost; with the online communication technology, there is also the possibility of cyberbullying and cybersecurity issues. We had many cyberbullying incidents on the school board and will continue to do so. This is, unfortunately, an unavoidable side effect of online chat rooms. We must teach our students and teachers how to protect themselves on the internet, stand up for themselves and others, and, most importantly, behave when talking with others online.
Another significant advantage of technology in classrooms is that access to information is more accessible. We no longer have to carry heavy textbooks around; we no longer have to go to the library to find information. Almost every piece of information, whether valid or not, is on the internet. Students can gain access to the information they need with a few clicks of the button. Teachers can post activities, news, and more to their students on google classroom. That being said, easy access to information promotes cheating, and plagiarization, whether intentional or not. Plagaiarization was and will be a relevant issue, so students and teachers should be taught how to deal with plagiarism accordingly.
Overall, technology has been and will continue to be a great tool to help students learn in and out of the classroom for their convenience of communication and informational access. That is if the usage of technology is appropriately regulated.

This is a practice essay for the Ontario G10 OSSLT. Its maximum word count is 500. I went overboard for the first two paragraphs and a bit over the word count. It’s harder to write less for more than more for less. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it.



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